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Five Families, Six Systems: Riders of the Storm


Eastern Family

Faction: Madness
Unique weapon: Epee
Martial Arts: Eastern Frontless Sword

On the outskirts of Yanjing, there is an indestructible mansion like an iron wall. This is one of the four major families of martial arts, where the Eastern family resides. The Oriental family is the most famous and famous gate in the rivers and lakes. The security guards here are all year round. It is rumored that there are countless magic weapons in the secret library of the family. To this day, many pirates still live in danger.

Direction: Yanjing
Faction: Madness
Unique weapon: Epee
Martial Arts: Eastern Frontless Sword



How to play:

One. Play around the clock
Weapon competition
Multiplayer (up to 6 players)
Undertake NPC: East Rail

A total of three rounds of competition, the player must take the task and team to participate in the activities opened by the captain, can only be completed once a week.

Each round will have master players in the village fighting against the players and competition weapons, any player can choose to fight.

When the competition is played, the current weapon of the player will be automatically converted to compare with the number of masters in the village. When the player score is higher, the player in the village will directly lose a lot of blood. When the score in the village is higher, the player will be spiked.

The better the player's equipment is, the better the chance of getting high scores, and the Six-Wound or Six-Winged Anti-Weapons will gain additional bonus points.

2. Flame test
Single player
Undertake NPC: Oriental Strong
Players need to challenge Dong Fang on their own. Dong Fang's Xuan Bing Shen Jia is extremely cold. He will create Skyfire in the scene and continue to approach Skyfire in an attempt to maintain his own body temperature.

When Dong Fang is near the sky fire, it will become difficult to beat. Players can use the coal in the scene to ignite the oriental dragonfly out of the sky fire. They can also use the fire fighting skills to limit the oriental dragonfly approaching the sky fire.

3 Cast Sword Hidden Sword
Single player
Undertake NPC: Oriental laugh

Oriental family is famous in casting martial arts in the martial arts, especially in the sword known as a person in the family, should understand the knowledge of casting swords, but also should learn to cast swords and swords.

In the East Laughing Department, after taking over the mission, it enters the place of casting swords. After completing the answer sheet, the sword casting game (smelting, tapping, quenching, opening the front) and other parts of the sword are sent to the Tibetan Guardian to defeat the guarded people. mission accomplished.

4. Tibetan sword trials [week list]
Multiplayer (up to 6 players)
Undertake NPC: Oriental cold leaves

The Oriental Family’s Hidden Swords Club is an important place for swordsmanship. This famous sword is often collected by the martial arts masters. It has recently been heard that the five elements of the martial arts of Wulin are tempted to come to steal the sword. As a family member, they should stop him. .

In the Eastern cold leaves at the entrance to the task after the successful entry into the Tibetan sword trial, through the recovery of the famous sword, Jian Zhen rescue, killing the Five Elements demon after the completion of the task.

2. Daily tasks
Night patrol
Single task
Undertake NPC: Oriental Night

The world famous sword is hidden in the east. Every night, there are always some small people who come to steal the sword and come to night. As a family member, they should go to night guards to protect the family's peace.

After entering the mission at the Eastern Nights, the night patrol was started and the night patrol mission was completed by catching the rats, lighting the lights, and killing the robbers.

Three story tasks

1. Oriental family plot mission

The first martial arts house in Wulin is famous for its oriental walls and is indestructible. There are numerous peerless warriors in the secret library. The clinker returned to the Orient with the sympathy of the East, and the magic soldiers were bizarre and stolen. The truth about the true and false is difficult to distinguish, whether Zhang Danling is really fierce, whether Oriental Shaoxing can resolve the critical situation, and the fact that the magic soldier was stolen actually becomes confusing.

2. Smelting iron blade
Single player
Undertake NPC1: Smelt Iron Guard
Undertake NPC2: Bladeguard

Recently, the materials of the Eastern family have been in short supply. They need to help transport timber and smelt raw wrought iron. The weapons racks in the family hospital need to be regularly maintained.
* Take over the tasks at the iron guard station to complete the transportation of wood, ignition, and smelting of wrought iron to complete the iron smelting task. After the first mission is completed, you can do a direct NPC conversation and open it later. The props for the mission can be exchanged for Magical Elixir at Master Blade (281 1417).
* At the Swordblade Guard, he received the Sword Blade task to obtain the Sword Blade tool to carry out the maintenance of weapons on the weapon rack in the Eastern Family House. It is necessary to maintain 10 weapons to complete the task. After the first mission is completed, you can do a direct NPC conversation and open it later. The props won by the mission can be exchanged for magical potions at the Master Blade.
* The first time you can do a one-time task, and then you can open a dialogue with the NPC.




Nangong family

One of the four major families of martial arts, the Chengdu Nangong, was rewarded by the court for its meritorious service in the battle of Jing Jing. The emperor's royal pen inscribed with gold plaque, the imprisoned fifty-mile radius of the private territory banned by the people, and the imposing door-to-door dwellings all demonstrated the glory of the family. However, their martial arts routines are the sword to go to the front, to win the trick to win the game, the Nangong Shijiamen people are weird, walking the rivers and lakes are not reasonable, and quite martial arts taboo

Location: Chengdu
Faction: Madness
Unique weapon: folding fan
Martial Arts: Official Business Road

How to play:

One. Play around the clock

1. The dungeon intelligence
Single player
Undertake NPC: Nangong family knowledgeable

Players can search for Nangong dungeon intelligence personnel within the range of the Nangong family to understand the secrets of the devil's head in the Nangong family's dregs. Seek intelligence for a certain number to complete the achievements, and you can redeem a Nangong dungeon challenge gain item once a week.

2. Back garden challenge
Multiplayer (up to 6 players)
Undertake NPC: Rear Garden Maid
After the challenge receives the person to pick up the task, the player self-team to find the challenge opener can participate in the game.

In the challenge, players need to jointly defeat the Nangong Turtle to complete the challenge. During the process, the Nangong Turtles will release seismological skills periodically. Players need to coordinate with each other to remove chaos from the body and guide teammates to enter the designated area to avoid earthquakes and co-operate with the output. The defeat of the Turtle within 15 minutes is considered a challenge.

3. Dungeon forbidden place 【week list】
Multiplayer (up to 6 players)
Undertake NPC: Nangong Meng
The Nangong family had a forbidden land in the dungeon, and the idler was near, detaining the secret of a martial arts many years ago.

Players need to find ways to enter the dungeon forbidden land, defeating the old devil held in the forbidden land. The old devil has deep martial arts, different moves, powerful waves of strength, invigorating internal energy, and unstoppable abyss. When the injury is too heavy, even the jade burns. The player needs to crack it one by one to defeat it.

2. Daily tasks

Wine fantasy gas test
Single task
To undertake NPC: green children
Under the guidance of the waitress Green, the player accepts the test of Grand Master's “wine” and drinks according to the order of Dagongzi’s allocation of wine. After three wrong drinks, the test fails; the test of “elegant” of Missy is affected by the dancer in her mood. After three times of confusion, the test failed; the test of “children’s wealth” used the existing tools to weigh the gold of the second son's designated weight; the test of the “chi” of the three sons and the four kinds of infuriating spirits merged and changed. The infuriness in the 4 infuriating orbs is merged into the infuriating power designated by the three sons.

(Note: The final reward can only be obtained if all tests are passed)

Three story tasks
1. Nangong family plot mission
The plagues in Jizhong were frequent and the people in the rivers and lakes died in tragic fashion. The Nangong family suffered civil strife and the tribute was robbed. Chengzu secretly secretly ordered the Nangong family to find out behind the scenes within half a month. At this time, a large area of ​​poppies blooms in the land of the Nangong family. Behind all this, there seems to be an invisible black hand pushing the Nangong family into the abyss...

2. Nangong account book
Single player
Undertake NPC: Nangong family knowledgeable
Players can find scattered books in the range of the Nangong family to understand the mysteries of the Nangong family's riches. Looking for a certain amount of books can complete the achievement.

3. Iron fan passer
Single player
Undertake NPC: Nangong family knowledgeable
Players can find Nangong family iron fan passers within the family of Nangong family to learn about the Iron Fan Cheats of the Nangong family. Looking for a certain number of iron fans can complete the achievement.




Murong Family

One of the four major families of martial arts, during the period of Wuchao Zhonghua, Xianbei Murong entered the Central Plains, and from then on settled in the outskirts of the city of Gusu. To the beginning of the Northern Song Dynasty, everyone used to practice martial arts and founded Murong Villa. In the Yongle period of the Ming Dynasty, Murong’s school of martial arts had become a system and had a place on the rivers and lakes.

Location: Suzhou
Faction: Mad
Unique weapon: brush
Martial Arts: Mo Yangquan

How to play:

One. Playing around

1. night attack steal book thief
Single player
Undertake NPC: Murong Feiyan
Enter the group scene at night and obtain darts and throwing skills from Murong Feiyan (group scene); the book thieves alert area is a special effect red area, and you can use the dart skill to steal the book thieves without entering the combat state. After stealing the book thief, the book thieves disappeared after 5 seconds and swiped out of sacks, and they were abducted back to Murong Feiyan for dialogue.

After the dialogue is completed, the stick and stick skill will be obtained. The thief will be interrogated. The thieves' blood volume will be deducted during the interrogation and the top of the thief will be sneaked. If the thief does not trigger the next step before he dies, he will have to find Murong Feiyan to collect darts. And dart skills, and then kidnap.

During the interrogation process, thieves with unknown origins will kill the thieves. After investigating the bodies, they will obtain the darts and ask Murong Feiyan. Murong Feiyan will tell the owner of the darts. Talk to the owner of the darts, trigger the battle, kill the mission and complete the task, find the Murong swallow (sub-group) to submit the task and return to the big world.

2. Murong book search (event)
Single participant
Every afternoon at 1:30pm and 8.30pm, there are random scrolls of book pages hidden in Murong Shanzhuang. The number of books is limited. Players need to search these pages within the prescribed time. The book pages obtained can be redeemed at the Murong Family NPC.

3. Murong's circumference [week list]
To undertake NPC: Murong smoke
Participation conditions
One: Must be registered by the captain;
Two: The activity switch has been turned on;
Three: The number of teams is between 2-6 people;
Four: Not in combat;

Game description:
Players need to complete the game within the specified time, and they need to go through four stages (escape from the beginning, learning the heart, discerning the mandolin, and helping each other). When the player successfully completes all stages, the gameplay ends and the time-lapse record is recorded.

II. Daily tasks
Daily practice
Single task
Undertake NPC: Murong Jun
Players need to complete the practice of mind and movement under the leadership of Murong Joon, and have achieved the purpose of mastering the imperial footwork.

Three story tasks
1. Murong family drama mission

In the Central Plains, the Warriors of the Eastern Han Dynasty were brutally bloodstained and the situation was drastically worsened. The East samurai warriors gathered and wanted to assassinate Lin Tiannan, the chief of the Wuling League in the Central Plains. Gurong’s first family, Murong Prefecture, stepped forward and saw the conspiracy of the villain in the east, which was praised by the martial arts master. However, a larger conspiracy is still slowly brewing in the dark, rivers and lakes, everything is still unknown...

2. Yufeng footwork (refers to the method that can be quickly moved in Murong Shanzhuang after learning)
Undertake NPC: Murong Kun
Participation conditions: customs clearance once Murong family team activities
Under the leadership of Murong Kun, a mysterious old man was found at a place in the Murong family and was given the qualification to learn imperial footwork. After completing the test of the mysterious old man, he could qualify, and the Murong family’s jumping point and acceleration point could all be used. .

4. Regional play
Planting Datura Flower
Single player
How to play NPC: Aqin
Participate in the Murong family's other gameplay, get the trust of the Murong family, you can get the certificate of the garden of the Chixia Villa. Collecting ten vouchers, you will be able to open up your own flower field at the place where Achai is located at Sanxia.

After the player has his own flower field, he can plant flowers and plant Datura flowers. The harvested mandala can be redeemed at the NPC at Cabernet Franc.



Yanmen Family

One of the four major families of martial arts, Luoyang Yanmen. There is an extremely majestic and spacious building on the outskirts of the White Horse Temple in Luoyang. It is surrounded by pavilions, verandahs, and beams. It is extremely brilliant. What is even more amazing is that the central hall and the six star towers can also form a wonderful Xingmao seven killing array to defeat the invading enemy. This is where martial arts famous Yanmen is located. Yanmen’s martial arts are unfathomable, not only proficient in exotic medicine, but also exquisitely crafted and clever in the generations.

Directions: Luoyang
Faction: Mad
Unique weapon: Knife edge
Martial Arts: Vientiane thousand blade

How to play:

One. Play around the clock
1. Galactica
Single player
Undertake NPC: Yan Anhui
After the player took over the task at Yan Anhui, he completed a certain step in accordance with the mission guidelines and went to Yan Anhui to enter the Stones of the Lost Rocks. In the game of the Stones, players need to avoid various traps in the scene. After they find all three spots in the Stones, they will capture the thieves!

2. Five-color table trial
Single player
Undertake NPC: Yan Ye Fei Yi
(Simple mode) After the player undertakes the task, he/she needs to challenge Yanheqiang alone. The gameplay is divided into three stages. In each stage, Yanhe is different in the routine, and in the second stage, the player will need to crush the eye column to continue. In the challenge, three-stage players need to avoid the ring of fire.

(Difficult mode) After the player undertakes the task, he/she needs to challenge Yanheqiang alone. The gameplay is divided into five stages. In each stage, different types of tricks are used by Yanhe Jiang. After the game is opened, it is necessary to crush the columns in the scene to challenge. Yanhe is strong. At the same time, the players need to avoid the ring of fire in the second stage. In the third stage, the players need to keep moving. In the fourth stage, the player needs to destroy the body in time. In the fifth stage, attention must be paid to the strong state of the Yanhe River and timely damage the sword to eliminate the sword. !

3. Courageous Eight Diagrams [week list]
Multiplayer (up to 6 players)
Undertake NPC: Yan Fenghao
Players need to team up to register at Yanfeng Hao, Luoyang. After entering the eight-row chart, first of all, it is necessary to accurately position the arrays in accordance with the position of the matrix method, defeat the corresponding guards, and challenge the array of players in the array of eight players. Eight-figure maps are ever-changing, and cooperation can be faster.

2. Daily tasks
Pattern stitching
Single task
Undertake NPC: Yan Xi Ya
After the players took over the task at Yandi Asia, they conducted a gossip jigsaw puzzle through the scene of Yan Yuya's entering the event. After completing the puzzle, they could undertake the mission of “Yanmen Challenge” and went to the Yan Yicai place to conduct a challenge for single players.

Three story tasks
1. Yanmen family plot mission
A Luoyang flower will be involved in disputes. Yanmen's children punished evil and promoted goodness, but they quarreled with Ma. With the true identity of the daughter-in-law Yan Xixi uncovered, the heroes of Yan Xia double-defused Yanmen, and the Mongolian people to seek common ground. Seeing the crime of treason makes Yanmen’s 100-year reputation to be destroyed once, where should the Yanmen people go?

2. Yanmen Tour
Single player
Undertake NPC: Yan Yayan
At night, players can undertake missions at Yan Yayan. After the mission, they will go through task guides to go to the disciples of the Yanmen family who are distributed in various places and obtain patrolling information from there.

3. Picking herbs
Single player
To undertake NPC: Yan Wei Park
After the player accepts the task at Yanweiyuan, he enters the activity scene through Yanweiyuan. The herbs in the event scene will have five elements. The player needs to stand at the position of his gill to eliminate the five elements of the herbs, eliminating 5 times in total. After the end of the event, the herb will be obtained; if the player stands in the wrong position, the player will fail and will need to re-enter.



First, open service opening event (all players can participate)

After playing on the line, the player will receive a bullet and email.
There will be a letter in the mail, player mail can undertake the opening single story task.
After opening the service for 1 hour, the opening event opens
After the opening of the opening, there are three phases
The first stage of the Evil Valley 500 task strange, players need to kill to enter the next stage.
The second stage Huimen School Door (temporarily open Wudang Shaolin Bliss Guqin Weifang during the gray period) 300 elites in each school sent to the next stage
In the third stage, each door is sent with a BOSS.
Each phase transition has 10 minutes of preparation time.
The single story submission NPC needs to be refreshed after the phase is completed.

Rewards: There are reward packages after the completion of the single story. The mobs in the stage brush are dropped. The BOSS drops the pedigree. The players who participated in the opening service event also participate in the reward package.

Second, on the eve of the invasion (within 3 servers and more than 3)

After the opening service, the first week of Sunday after the opening of the service was 8:00 on the eve of the invasion.
On the eve of the invasion, players can take over the outer field martial arts defensive missions at Lin Tiannan and Martial Arts.
And this week on the eve of the invasion, at 2 pm on Monday 2 and at 7 pm on Thursday, 2 intruders will be randomly refreshed at the eight main factions. Players need to go back to defend. (The boss will only appear on the eve of the invasion)
Rewards: Defensive quests reward rewards such as conversions, and the boss has a chance to drop the pedigree.

Third, resist invasion (all players can participate)

On the first Sunday of the week after the service began, the invasion began at 8pm.

【Outside Invasion】 Wulin invaded the eight major sects at eight o'clock on the first Sunday of the first week of the crisis cycle of Zongmen.

Invasion rules: the event can enter the battlefield in advance at 8 o'clock on the day of the event, and the original martial arts scene area will temporarily be inaccessible; the scenes of the various martial arts schools resisting the invasion can be transmitted in the interface of "Songmen's Robbery" and enter the scene. According to the site identification on the map, it is involved in activities against the invasion of the martial arts in the outer region; in the event game, the outer martial arts will attack each base from the outside to the inside. Once the peripheral base falls down, the neighboring base will be in an attacked state. Please according to the situation before the battle. Defensive; successful protection of the head during the event time, with no less than 10 percent of the head's defensive success, and the defensive success of the eight main factions, the Central Plains Wulin resisted the invasion of the outer martial arts; during each invasion, the Outland Wulin will randomly choose a school to dispatch elite troops and conduct strong attacks. According to the war situation, go to the factions to help defend; the activities will kill the enemy of the outer field martial arts will get points, beat the headstrong field with martial arts martial arts, According to the total amount of damage, different points will be given; Line forefront who have access to tablature Fragments, massive repair perfusion and other incentives, will in turn have different incentives paid by mail.

If all eight main factions are defensive, the Sentimental Robbery defensive event is completed and will not enter the next stage. Waiting for the next outfield invasion (8 pm on Sunday after 4 weeks)
If there is a martial arts occupied by martial arts outside, then enter the next stage, on the eve of the counterattack.
Rewards: A large number of amendments to the rankings, as well as the chance to obtain the oldest scores.

Fourth, on the eve of counterattack (all players can participate)

After the martial arts were successfully invaded by martial arts in the outer field, the corresponding martial arts scene was occupied by the martial arts in the outer field, and the martial arts players could not return to martial arts (the use of the reincarnation point of the relevant martial arts was prohibited).
Some of the games of the occupied monarchs can not participate (spying patrols, related tasks cannot be completed, etc.)
Occupied martial players can accept counterattack missions on the eve of counter-offensive (introduction of the new roaming interface)
The Occupied part of the NPC will be transferred to the friendly school (Wudang is transferred to Shaolin; Shaolin is transferred to Wudang; Blyth Valley is transferred to Jinyiwei; Jinyiwei is transferred to Bole Valley)
On the eve of the counter-offensive, they can accept the counter-offensive mission. Completing the counter-offensive mission can weaken the strength of the martial arts stationed in the field.
Every Monday afternoon, at 7pm on Wednesday, it will randomly refresh 2 bosses within the occupation scene.
Rewards: Counterattack missions are rewarded with routine repairs, etc., and the boss has a chance to drop the ancient spectrum.


V. Counterattack Battlefield

After the martial arts occupation of the martial arts in the outskirts of the martial arts in the first week of the week at 8 o'clock on the evening of the night, the faction launched a counterattack.
[Martial Arts Counterattack]: After the outfield martial arts occupy the school, the counterattack is officially opened at 8pm on the next weekday of the next week. Players can send counteroffensive activities through the "enter the battlefield" button in the martial arts counterattack interface within the "door to robbery" interface. Under the leadership of the martial arts and other leaders, they defeated the defense of the outer martial arts and expelled them from the martial arts of the Central Plains and raised the prestige of martial arts in the Central Plains.

If the counterattack is successful, the martial school will be recaptured and the martial school restored to its original condition.
If the counterattack fails, the counterattacks will continue on the following week and Sunday.
If the counterattack had not been successful in the third week, the court sent troops to recapture the martial.
(Additional eight main gates send off the door every day (can be viewed in the off-door interface)

Rewards: There will be a large number of rewards for repairs, etc. for successful counterattacks. If sent to the court to assist, players will not receive rewards.


Sixth, counterattack aftermath

After the success of the counterattack, the server enters the aftermath phase, and players can undertake the aftermath task in Suzhou Lintiannan to treat the wounded and clear up the extracurricular martial arts.

Awards: Xiuwei, Wulu and other rewards.


Rivers and lakes

There is a probability of falling off the rivers and lakes in the forbidden clearances:
Twilight Village (Sura)--Swordsman Martial Arts
Qingyunbao (Sura)--With the wind knife sword martial arts
Dragon Inn (Shura) -- Quicksand
Yanmenguan defender (general) - Xue Zhai swordmanship
Yanmenguan defender (difficult) - Xuezhai swordsmanship
Yanmenguan defender (Hell) - Xue Zhai swordmanship and swordsmanship
Yanmenguan Rebel Line - Xue Zhai Jianfa WuXi
Tian Hidden Valley (Ordinary) - Xue Zhai swordsmanship, accompany wind knife sword martial arts

Note: After the above martial arts are obtained through the corresponding books, they must be activated in the effect martial arts slot before they can be used. At the same time, all the martial arts in the same routine will be activated, and the special effects of this routine will change.


Emerald Doll

"Emerald Doll" is itself made of jade. From ancient times to the present, there is the saying that "people raise jade, jade raise people". It is derived from the nine-yin martial arts world, that is, in the process of martial arts cultivation. The mutual infiltration of jade makes it possible to wear the "Emerald Doll" for physical fitness. Specifically, it can strengthen the character's attributes, strengthen the character's moves, etc., in order to enhance the overall combat strength.

* The screenshots shown below are only examples. Please refer to the actual effects in the game for the specific attributes of the items involved!

How to Get Emerald Doll

Players can go to Suzhou Xu Bo, Xu Wei (508, 375) master and apprentice 2 people to understand and get jade dolls. Each player completes an Emerald Doll guided mission at the berth to obtain 5 iron quality emerald dolls.

The role of jade dolls

The Emerald Doll initially has only one basic attribute. Up to five different types of additional attributes can be obtained by quenching. The entire amount of silver or jadeite doll quenching coupons can be consumed for quenching (which can be obtained by opening Junhu Jun for free and other demons. ).

How Emerald Dolls Get Additional Attributes

The Emerald Doll initially has only one basic attribute. Up to five different types of additional attributes can be obtained by quenching. The entire amount of silver or jadeite doll quenching coupons can be consumed for quenching (which can be obtained by opening Junhu Jun for free and other demons. ). That is, each quench can obtain a property corresponding to the growth quality and basic value at random in the property library, and then can use this property to replace any existing property of an emerald doll. The property library is divided into elementary and intermediate grades according to the growth quality. , Advanced and top 4 categories, roughly 23 categories by attribute type. Each time you are quenched, you can also acquire a certain amount of chalcedony in addition to the additional properties of the quenching. Consumption of chalcedony can increase the additional attribute level to increase its bonus value. Chalcedony can also be obtained through the use of Huaqing Emerald, and players can use the Firebolt every day. Restriction on the purchase of a green jadeite.

The following attributes are included in the Emerald Doll's additional attributes: External damage bonus, Yin damage bonus, Soft damage bonus, Yang damage bonus, Just damage bonus, External work damage offset, Negative injury offset, Soft damage cancellation, and Yang damage cancellation , just damage compensation; the above attribute effects can be seen under the new damage page in the character interface interface.

How to upgrade the attached properties of Emerald Doll

The additional properties of the jade tank obtained through quenching are initial values, which can also be continuously increased by the infiltration operation. The process is roughly as follows:

That is, the attribute items that need to be upgraded are selected, and the corresponding chalcedony is consumed to increase the attribute level. The value of each increase in the level of the different growth and quality attributes and the spiritual value consumed are different. The higher the quality, the higher the growth and consumption, and the corresponding There is also a corresponding upper limit on the level of dolls that can be promoted.




The Eight Sects have maintained their demeanor and position in the contending lakes and lakes, and when another wave of martial arts is surging, the schools of classicism in each school have spent several generations of study, scrutiny, and evolution in each school. Some moves have condensed new martial arts skills.

Eight sectarian disciples can challenge Tongtian Peak to obtain the Tongtian Peak Challenge Point, which can be used to redeem the martial arts skills.

Martial arts Routine Move name  
Tangmen Golden Snake Accompanying Move effect Golden Snake Hearts, luck boosts its own movement speed by 50%; routine moves [counterfeit] attacks additional negative damage for 15 seconds
Martial arts effect Raise tactical damages; Exercising can infuriate yourself: Get 15 anger, deduct 15 anger after 7 seconds (You will enter 15 seconds to adjust the state after the cast, during which time you cast it again, and the anger of gaining and deducting anger is 5 points. However, it will not be refreshed again.)
Flick Move effect Strikes the imaginary strike, pulls out the thousand flaws, causes the harm to the enemy in front; The enemy who tries to defend the enemy, will be powerfully shaken and paralyzed (decrease 30% for 8 seconds).
Martial arts effect Increases move damage; moves more quickly, and reduces all defenses by 30% during target paralysis.
Whale whale Move effect Flying and flying, the rivers and rivers are in a state of rapids, and injuries are caused by the spurs. When used in conjunction with the “walking” method, they can greatly increase the chance of crit.
Martial arts effect Increased damage due to moves; ignore 8% for all defense deductions during this move, and 8% for parry attacks.
Wudang Breeze swordsmanship Turbidity Move effect Accumulation moves, swaying Jian Qi on the range of enemy damage package, and add "turbid" gas to make it fall. The strokes of the moves can be instantaneous, and there is a certain chance of knocking down the target; the “Breeze” of their own will increase the chance of knocking down more.
Martial arts effect Increase the damage of moves; move the range of influence to 5 meters, and the moves can be interrupted by any moves in the air during the exhibition.
Wind clear Move effect Void sword, sharp Jian Qi causing damage to the enemy in front; attempt to defeat the enemy, will be infected with "turbid" gas and was fell.
Martial arts effect Enhance the move damage; move faster.
Turbidity Move effect Breeze stunts, swift and swift and smoky, causing damage to wash away the target, each shot will make their own Jianqi Shengsheng one point: the goal is plagued by "turbid" gas when the injury is more serious; moves better display style effect.
Martial arts effect Increase the damage of moves; the chance of hitting moves is greatly improved.
Shaolin Taizu Changquan Heavenly Move effect The Shaolin disciples practiced lion dance and began to practise this trick. Although the power is not as good as it is, it is also quite small. It can make an enemy around 5 meters unconscious for 3 seconds and cause harm.
Martial arts effect Adjust the type of damage in this move to increase the external power damage of the arm and increase the damage. The coma effect no longer decays.
Progressing Move effect Taking a deep breath and taking a breath, slamming and hitting the other side to cause harm, this move is just a pity. It is a slow move.
Martial arts effect Adjust this move damage type to the arm power bonus external power damage, enhance the move damage; this move becomes a more rapid storage technology: When the force is completed, it can hit the enemy and cause 0.25 times more damage.
Virtually broken elbow Move effect Phasing body collapses and causes the other party to deal damage. If the opponent tries to parry, they will be thrown to suffer additional extra damage.
Martial arts effect Enhance the move damage; break the defense and add an empty door to the target at the same time: in 5 seconds, the move will fall. The move can be displayed in the air.
Emei Gold Top Van Gothic Devil Move effect Each time the air hits, it will cause damage to the target. The palms will make the opponent's center of gravity unstable and slow down by 20% (up to 3 times).
Martial arts effect Enhance the move damage; move faster.
Sanyang Kaitai Move effect Luck slowly on Sundays, accelerating the target's qi and blood rejuvenation, resolving congestion, and hurting nearby enemies; moves to use can also knock out nearby enemies.
Martial arts effect The move is more rapid, increasing the impact range of the flying attack effect to 5 meters. When the target is displayed, it can clear 1 target of deduction from the friendly player within 5 meters of the target and its surrounding area, and increase the 2 gain status at the same time. ” : Can resist 1 knock, repel and knock down in 6 seconds; “Kaitai”: 20% increase in move damage in 6 seconds.
Five gas presents Move effect Extend softly, causing damage to the target; breaking opponent's parry and reducing their anger.
Martial arts effect Increases the damage of the moves; the range of the moves is increased to 15 meters, but only 1 person can be affected, and the return time is increased to 6 seconds.
Gang Lotus palm method blossom everywhere Move effect Pushing the palms together pushes the lotus infuriating, causing damage to the frontal enemies; a strong palm can lift the enemy and cause it to fall: it loses blood and cuts muscles. (This move must have its own "Lotus infuriating" before it can be launched)
Martial arts effect Enhance the move damage; it does not exist lotus infuriating can also be displayed, and consume 3 lotus infuriating, can increase the range of moves by 2 meters.
Tian Bilian Move effect Lotus magic skills, shouting to the sky, you can smash the air target to the ground to cause damage, and have an explosive effect: Sniper opponents around the target. (There must be "Lotus infuriating" before it can be launched, and the moves can only attack the air targets).
Martial arts effect Increases damage to moves; does not require lotus infuriating can also be used.
Introducing lotus into the water Move effect Void caught nearby enemies in close proximity, causing damage to them, temporarily boosting the power of Lotus by 20%; if they had learned to borrow flowers and offering Buddhas, they would receive an additional “Lotus infuriness”.
Martial arts effect Move cooling: 15 secondsEnhance the move damage; close move faster, and when the move itself is the status of yellow tyrants.
Jin Yiwei Eagle Claw Eagle sniper Move effect Spreading arms and claws, mob dancers tearing, causing damage to the surrounding enemies; moves to the ground to tap the ground, knock down the enemy within the range and attach the same effect of "scratching the ball."
Martial arts effect Increases the damage done by moves; when playing the move on the ground, you can surround the enemy for 3 seconds.
Eagle Young Tiger Move effect Assault moves only aim at the dead end of the deadly goal, desperately torn to cause damage. (This move can use light effort to quickly approach the opponent)
Martial arts effect Enhance the move damage; this move can use lighter to get closer to the opponent.
Bole Valley Herd knife Li Huashan Move effect Shen Liyi stunned the blade and wounded the enemy with a few feet away, causing damage to him. When the target is in an “earthquake”, it will receive additional rigid damage.
Martial arts effect Enhance the move damage; tactics to hit the enemy did not parry to get a layer of ruthless state: the three-story after the outbreak of the stack, allowing it to ban light for 3 seconds.
Quick knife mess Move effect Assault moves, rolling sniper damage the target; when the target is in the "earthquake" will receive additional rigid damage. (This move can use light effort to quickly approach the opponent)
Martial arts effect Enhance the move damage; tactics to hit the enemy did not parry to get a layer of ruthless state: the three-story after the outbreak of the stack, allowing it to ban light for 3 seconds.
Juntang Church Falling Infinity Foil Falling Dust Move effect With the sword falling into place and the sword as one, when the parry is successful, there is a 25% chance of an anti-shock target: it will be set for 5 seconds and it will be difficult to move. (Resonance adjustment time 22 seconds)
Martial arts effect When the parry is successful, there is a 25% chance to add an understuff to the target.
Falling flowers Move effect Assault moves, colorful Jian Qi, the impact of the target caused damage; moves can shoot down the air target, and make their legs paralyzed: slow down and can not use qinggong. (This move can use light effort to quickly approach the opponent)
Martial arts effect Increases the damage done by moves; moves the charge range to 20 meters.
Romantic month Move effect The dancing takes place, the snow is swung around, and the surrounding enemies are attacked on the move, causing injuries. If the enemy numbs on both legs, the injury is even heavier. (This move can't be interrupted.)
Martial arts effect Enhance the move damage; move each enemy can not be banned for 2 seconds.



Heavenly Trial

Play Name: Tongtian Peak
How to play: Wicked Valley (370, -302)
Number limit: single challenge
Number of challenges: 4 manual resets per month, 1 server per month
Open Levels: 1 to 40 floors, open later stages

Challenge conditions:

    Layer 1--10: Inside, Outstanding (Interior Point 31)
    Levels 11-20: Second, God's Technique (Donation Point 41)
    21st to 30th floors: Three inwards, outstanding (internal points 46)
    Layer 31-40: Three introspection (dominance point 51)

Tongtian Feng Introduction:

Tongtian Feng is a multi-level challenge game where the player needs to pass through the previous level in order to enter the next level to check off. In the current progress, the player can be divided into multiple levels to challenge uncleared levels. In addition to the fixed-level checkpoints in Tongtianfeng, other levels of play will also change randomly.

Tongtian Feng background:

Tongtian Peak is adjacent to the Evil Valley, and is even more high-rise. It has been snow-covered year-round only on the hillside, and it is connected with floating clouds. Visitors look up and do not know where they are. The terrain in the vicinity of Tongtian Peak is complex. The mountain side canyon is an important link between the Central Plains and the Outer Region. It is surrounded by the Bilin Feiquan and the empty Valley Stone Array. It contrasts with the scenery of the snow cliffs at high altitudes and is considered by the martial arts as an alien environment.

The area around Tongtian Peak has always been inaccessible. There are only a few businessmen and strangers walking through the area all year round. In recent years, the outskirts of martial arts are aiming to infiltrate into the Central Plains. Numerous foreign powers have flooded into this area, and they have taken all of Tongtianfeng as their own and have meticulously operated. Since then, the forces in the deep valleys and mountains and cliffs have been intricately distributed, and the exchanges between the Central Plains and the outer areas of the martial arts have been almost cut off. The history of martial arts in the field of martial arts in Central Plains has no knowledge of the changes.

Under the rule of the outer world of martial arts, there are countless unknown secrets hidden in the peaks of Tongtian. The foreign martial arts forces that have taken root in this area have taken them as a base and gradually pried into the evil people valley of Central China. Even though martial arts masters of the Central Plains are unaware of the treacherous intentions of the outer martial arts, they have been taken advantage of by foreign powers. They can only look at the natural world of Tongtian Peak and can't help but start.

Now the Central Plains Wulin and the Outer Area Martial Wars have fought in the Evil Valley, while the foreign invasion of the Central Plains was once contained, but the Central Plains Wulin could hardly hurt its fundamentals and gradually fell into a dilemma. Over time, the eyes of all the people gradually shifted to the sky peak, the parties can only manage to control this, in order to be invincible, originally uninhabited Tongtian Feng is now the battlefield throat in the eyes of the world in the eyes of the world, contested.

Tongtianfeng Award:

You can get the Tongtian Peak Challenge Point for redemption of the following items:
1. The new martial arts "the sea of ​​thousands of spins".

Wuxue name Martial Arts Layers Every stroke Tianfeng Challenge Point Exchange Conditions (Nine Yinzhi Node)
旷海千千 1~3 12 Within 2
4 9 Within 3
5 9 Within 3
6 9 Within 3
7 12 4 in
8 12 4 in
9 19 Within 5
10 19 Within 5
11 25 Within 6
12 25 Within 6


Single Knife | Tai Chi Attributes | Arm Strength & Inner Bold Bonus (Rage Air Rift & Arm Power Bonus)


73cab83b842a9fb238cbb3f21d9781f0.png Dragon IslandActual tactics near single attack cooling time 6 seconds 丨 range 3 meters
Dragons are wrapped around, and only the dead soul is cut off. Enemies cut the throat, causing damage to selected targets. (This move can use light effort to quickly approach the opponent)
B0ad67ad8653cea2824134a658e18dd7.png Diving Dragon GateActually, it is far more attacking and cooling time 15 seconds, the range is 15 meters.
When flying fish turn, those who come will not break. Move to the tap area, knock down enemies within 5 meters and inflict damage.
D45e2876455539f2a32730555fdb48e2.png Shark teethActual tactics are far more attacking tactics cooldown 10 seconds 丨 range 15 meters 丨 丨 丨 50
The violent sharks are mad, and the violent madness rolls out. Continue to knock down enemies within 15 meters of your body and cause damage. After finishing the move, he sprinted 10 meters ahead of him. (The move process is yellow tyrant body state)
Ac5c6a8b5f563bcdba862f2faf570496.png Diving deep poolActual tactics near tactics, attack time, cooldown, 2 seconds, range, 5 meters
Qian Longqian suddenly came to see him. Inflicts damage on enemies within 5 meters of the body; knocks down enemies in the "swallow".
Eea344db605e85632a48f3eb6af72a79.png Urgent emergencyRacks single gain 丨 cooling time 10 seconds
Electric power, unloading the enemy's strength, counterattacking itself. Put yourself into the “anti-defense for attack” state: When you are in the parry state and are attacked by the enemy, you can dismantle enemies and counterattack the enemy for 5 seconds. (anti-rolling type, effective range 15 meters, invalid for the hegemony, may be restrained by false resignation)
B5634b56efec954b3b1995eb7ef85741.png Fish hides the seaActual tactics near tactics, attack time, cooldown, 12 seconds, range, 5 meters
Magic fish hidden, sinking Shen Shen, Xun hit the next disk. Inflicts damage to enemies within 5 meters and enchants them with "Magic Fish": Dodge drops by 30% for 3 seconds. Hits the opponent who hits the ground to make it move 3 seconds.
21ad5ff847cf6b43d5905739d523c49a.png Whale swallowVirtual tactics near attack and cool down time 2 seconds
The whale swallowed and sucked, unable to resist. Inflicts damage to enemies within 5 meters in front of the enemy. If you successfully break the enemy's defenses for 3 seconds, you will be unable to parry, and add "Whaling" to the enemy, slowing down 80% for 3 seconds. The effect is delayed for 3 seconds. Tam] Hits will be knocked down.







2. Eight major schools of martial arts.

Martial arts Tongtian Peak Challenge Point(single move) Five Enthusiasm(single move) Exchange conditions
Shaolin 108 100 Must be Shaolin disciple or Shaolin Yirong disciple or Shaolin travel disciple or Shaolin enter Dharma disciple and Jiuyin Zhi II open
Wudang 108 100 Must be a Wudang disciple or a Wudang Yirong disciple or a Wudang tour disciple or a Wudang entry to the ancient tomb disciple and open in Jiuyinzhi II
Emei 108 100 Must be an Emei disciple or embarrassment to allow disciples or embarrassment to travel to disciple or Emei to enter Shenshui Palace disciple and open inside Jiuyinzhi II
Juntang Church 108 100 Must be a disciple of a gentleman or a disciple of a gentleman or a gentleman, or a disciple from a gentleman's church to enter the Huashan school and the inside of Jiuyinzhi II.
Gang 108 100 Must be a gang-discipline disciple or a gang gang yirong disciple or a gang gang to travel to a disciple or be entered by the gang into the Changfeng Escort Disciple and opened inside Jiuyuzan II.
Jin Yiwei 162 150 Must be a jinyiwei disciple or a jinyiwei yi disciple or a jinyiwei tour disciple or a jinyiwei enters the blood knife door disciple and is open inside Jiuyinzhi II
Bole Valley 162 150 Must be a Blake Valley disciple or Bhakti Valley, or a Journey of the Valley, or enter the Five Immortals disciples in Blyth Valley and open in Nine Yinzhi II.
Tangmen 108 100 Must be a disciple of Tangmen or a disciple of Tangmen Yirong or a disciple of Tang Gate, or a Tang disciple who enters Diluba’s disciples and opens in Jiuyinzhi’s II.



3. The new fashion "Lin Hao" and "Yu Yu."


Fashion name Tongtian Peak Challenge Point Exchange Conditions (Nine Yinzhi Node)
Lynn 240 Within 2
Yu Yu 360 Within 3













New Meridians

  If a martial arts person wants to break through their own limits, it is more difficult to break through than if they want to pass through their own eight-word pulse. When it is initially connected to the eight-syllable pulse, it can form a hidden vein in the body. If you can first penetrate the hidden pulse, you can help improve their own strength.


【Hypoglyse veins hidden】

    After practicing this meridian to a certain level, it will be able to be protected by the internal energy of yin and gentle Tai Chi. The more types of internal energy, the higher the number of layers will be, the better. And can not activate simultaneously with the haze vein.


Meridian attributes:

Zhou Tian Helium Inside interest Blood Internal force
180 33 50 813 271

Acupuncture points open:

Relics of Lingshu · Zhaohai (hidden): Uses to open the Yin-Yin pulse and conceals the first point of the picture. Use need to repair repair: 1000000

Spiritual Relief · Eyesight (Hidden): Use the yin and yin pulse to hide the second point of the eye. The use of the need to repair is: 3000000



Acupuncture point open prop use conditions and corresponding open meridians:

Item name Conditions of Use Haze veinsOpening layers
Turn on the meridians Eight denominations: 6 internal forces, 1 internal strength, 61 layers of San Qing Qing, 46 layers of Tai Su Vein, 36 layers of Fu Qigong, 26 layers of Taiyin, 26 layers of Bibo Sutra, and 26 layers of Mirage (these internal strengths conform to one) 9
Spiritual Relics, Zhao Hai (Hidden) The eight denominations 6 internal forces, forces, forces, factions, arbitrarily practiced within six phases 90
Spiritual Relic · Eyesight (Hidden) 1. Ningluoba, Shenshui Palace, Huashan School, and Five Immortals School have achieved high-level internal strength of 63 levels, invincible evil spirits, mixed elements, five elements, Bingxin, and six lingzhi levels. Layer (the above mentioned internal strength conforms to one)2, Zhaohai hidden point opened 180



【Yangmai Veins and Concealment】

    After practicing this meridian to a certain level, it will be supported by the internal strength of masculinity and Tai Chi. The more types of internal power, the higher the number of layers will be, the better. And Yangshuo pulse can not be activated at the same time.


Meridian attributes:

Zhou Tian Arm force Body and law Blood Internal force
180 33 50 813 271


Acupuncture points open:

Spiritual Relief · Shenmai (hidden): Use open Yangshuo pulse and hide the first acupuncture point Shenmai·Hidden. Use need to repair repair: 1000000

Lingshu Remembrance Wind Pool (hidden): Use open Yangshuo pulse and hide the second point of the wind pool • hidden. The use of the need to repair is: 3000000



Acupuncture point open prop use conditions and corresponding open meridians:


Item name Conditions of Use ImpulsiveOpening layers
Turn on the meridians Eight main factions 6 inner strength 1st level, 61th Sanqing gas level, 46th Taisu vein method, 36 levels of Fugong Qigong, 26 layers of Taiyin Xuan Jian, 26 layers of Bibo Sutra, 26 layers of magic jade power (the above mentioned internal strength accords with one) ; 9
Spiritual Relics · Shenmai (hidden) Eight princes and 6 internal forces, forces, and sects have their own internal strengths, and any one of them practices within six phases. 90
Spiritual Relic · Wind Pool (Hidden) 1. Xishan Ancient Tomb, Blood Daotang, Changfeng Escort, Dharma's Latency School's high-order internal strength reaches 63 layers, and there are 75 layers of Wudang Gong, Zaoyanggong, Zirui's Heart Sutra, and Xiu Ganggong. The above mentioned internal energy conforms to one)2. Opening of Shenmai·Hui acupuncture points 180


【Acupuncture opening props】

Mainly through Suzhou Zhou Yixian "Lingshu legacy (Hidden Vessel)" store at the exchange.

1, exchange points to open props need to use purple Lingzhi;

2. Ganoderma lucidum access: Through the completion of the major city festival ambassador·Liang Liang released the "Diligent Training."


Qi Zhen

Add snow ginseng, Zhu Xi Qizhen props, Qizhen mainly increase the meridians of the seal and blood.

You can go to Suzhou Zhouyixian "Lingshu legacy (Hide Vessel)" store to redeem.


Item name

Corresponding role meridians


Conditions of Use

Snow ginseng

Haze veins

20 two

According to sea and hidden activation

Zhu Xi


20 two

Shenmai implicit activation




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