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Your Skill Book - Introduction to the Skill System




Internal Skills are passive, stat boosting abilities. During the tutorial you will receive your first Internal Skill "Meditate to Regulate the Breath". Once you join a sect, you will receive another Internal Skill. Levelling the right skill is key: if you don’t want to fall behind, we suggest that you cultivate the first Internal Skill you receive from your school as soon as you join it. Open your Skill Book (K) and click on the “Internal Skill” Tab. Choose your school, select the skill you receive and click on “Cultivate”.


This will use up your Cultivation Points (currently they are sometimes called Accomplishment Points) to improve your passive School Skill. It is very important to improve this skill, as it defines your character’s strength.


Your Sect grants you a second Internal Skill as you progress to Level 30 of the first Internal Skill. Once you obtain it, focus on cultivating your newly obtained Internal Skill as it becomes stronger compared to the first one. More Internal Skills are unlocked as the general server population progresses in strength.


You can also get Internal Skills from other schools by participating in Script Stealing Events. This also becomes useful for the Meridian System.





At the moment, you can receive three skill sets per school, each serving a different role or play style. For example, the Wudang school can decide to take a more tanky role with Skill Set 1, or switch to Skill Set 2 to deal more damage. Check out our forum for all the schools to find out what suits to your play style.


Your first skill set is unlocked as you join a Sect and progress through your first Sect quests.


You can receive your 2nd skill set from your trainer once your Internal Skill reaches level 5 and your 3rd skill set is unlocked at Internal Skill level 10.




Light Body Skills are extremely helpful in combat. They increase your mobility drastically, by allowing you to sprint, run on walls and water, or gliding through the air.





Arrays are formations that require more than one player to perform. They are commonly used before entering an instance and provide party members with buffs that for example increase Health or Internal Power (MP).







like HP, Strength, or Internal Power (MP). Meridians can also increase your combat speed. There are a total of 9 Meridian (energy) channels. 8 of them correspond to the 8 school Internal Skills and 1 is not related to any school Internal Skill.


We suggest to first learn Meridians relating to your school (it’s more efficient).


•1st Meridian 'node': 1st Internal Skill lvl 25

•2nd Meridian 'node': 2nd Internal Skill lvl 20

•3rd Meridian 'node': 3rd Internal Skill lvl 20



First node: You can cultivate the Meridian up to lvl 36


Second node: You can cultivate the Meridian up to lvl 72


Third node: You can cultivate the Meridian up to lvl 108



Complementary statistics


When you reach level 36 of a Meridian a bonus will be added!






Additional Effect




Reduce Critical Damage Received




Reduce MP Recovery Interval




Increase Inner Neutralisation


Scholar’s Academy


Ignore Inner Neutralisation




Reduce Critical Damage Received


Tang Clan


Increase Physical Critical Damage


Royal Guards


Reduce HP Recovery Interval


Blissful Valley


Increase Inner Critical Damage




Unlocking Meridians grants skill combos!


Each time you unlock the 2nd or the 3rd node of a Meridian channel, you will gain a 'combo point'.  As you can see you can have 8 combo slots, but each box costs a certain amount of combo points. (1-2-4-8-16-32-64-128)


When you have enough combo points to buy a box, you need to click on the box and then confirm. Then just slide the skill from your school that you want to use. There are 3 skills per school available.



What are combo points for?


When you are going to unlock and use a combo, you are in fact going to remove the global cooldown between two skills. So instead of waiting before using your next skill, you can use it immediately after the first one. This will increase your speed in battle.



Levelling up a Meridian costs Qi



Acquiring Qi is influenced by many factors. VIP players will gain 5 times more Qi than Non-VIP players.


1.Cultivation points: all activities which give you cultivation points will also give you Qi. If your cultivation points reach the daily limit you will not gain any Qi. (daily events, battlefield etc....)


2.All Life Skill activities or Mastery books that give Life Skill Mastery points will give you Qi


3.Whenever you deal damage to players/monsters with your skills. (The amount gained is related to the type of skill used, the damage dealt and the target you are hitting. Locking a single target tends to give more Qi than AOE non-targeting skills.)


4.If you’re fighting against someone who is stronger than you, you will gain more Qi (just as you would if fighting against a common monster or against a boss).


You have a daily limit per day for Qi gain which depends on your current inner skill level





Want to check you Qi Cultivation at a glance?


It’s easy! Just click on the Meridian symbol (yellow circle on the picture below) under your character’s avatar.




Rock, Paper, Scissors - Sub-Types of Skills






 A common attack technique which deals direct damage. A blocking opponent will receive less direct damage. 



 This attack also reduces “block energy” of an enemy and thus, can break a block after a certain amount of damage was done





 Used to instantly break a block/parry stance of an opponent. This is a key ability for enemies who constantly block your direct damage attacks. Breaking a block prevents parrying further attacks for a couple of seconds.




Blocking an enemy attack reduces the damage you receive. Skills labelled as Parry Skills (green circle) are activated once and work as semi-passive abilities that grant you certain buffs whenever you block an attack. Standard shortcut key for blocking is 'Right Mouse Button'.