Offline Adventure | Kidnapping an Offline Player | Offline Stall | Reward Offline Character


 Offline Adventures


Once you log off, your character will continue to roam around Jianghu doing offline jobs. Your offline job will depend on the map where you left your character. They can be an official, bandit, salesclerk, bellman and more. Your character can also do offline jobs related to your profession (Life Skills) such as farmer, woodcutter, painter, fisherman and more.


Aside from offline jobs, your character can also do something else such as cultivating your skills or running a stall.



Once you return back in game, your Jianghu Journal will be presented to  you which contains your character’s experience while you are offline. You will also rceive information when your character has been kidnapped or received rewards from other players. 



This is one of the unique features of Age of Kungfu. Even when you are offline, your adventure in game will still continue. Online players can still interact with offline players in various ways.