Become a Kung-fu Master in 7 Days



Finish School Story Task     School Spy/Patrol    Steal/Protect School Scripts Challenge: Twilight Village
Titles and Strength Faction Challenge Apply for Shool War Guild Events
How to use Cultivation? Random Encounter Learn Profession Skills Kidnapping
Character Strength Table   Trading System Offline Experience



Here’s some guide which will give you the details on all the steps you need to take to become a hero. This guide will also become your tutorial for the rest of your adventure in Age of Kungfu.


You need to finish all the novice guides first and then start to follow your chosen story. On the upper right of the screen you will see the Map. And beneath the Map, click on the Jianghu Help. (Refer to the images below)




After doing all those guides, you need to return to your birth place and speak with Carter at the post house. Speak to the Coachman to learn about other Sects and choose one to join.

Your next objective is to learn the first skill set of your character.

After learning your first skill set you will get a quest called Homesickness. The quest will tell you to return to your village.

To teleport to your village, press “T” on your keyboard to bring up the teleportation menu.


In order to have enough strength, you need to gain experience and then convert it into cultivation. Cultivation can upgrade your internal and fighting skills.

You can gain experience by completing Story tasks, Sect Tasks, Sect Patrols, Stealing Scripts and Spying.

To get to the cultivation menu, click on the cultivation icon in the upper left hand part of the screen, and click one of the three options to begin cultivation. You can use cultivation in three different ways.

•   Internal Cultivation – This method will stop cultivating when a skill has leveled up. You will be notified with a pop up window.

•   Practice Martial Arts – This method is the fastest for upgrading skills. However, it will cost you silver coins to perform.

•   Team Practice – This is the best method to upgrade your skill. The more players practice together, the more experience they get. However, there is a limit to how much you can cultivate using this technique in one day.


There are events you need to partake in.

•    Sect Spy/Patrol – You can spy 5 times per day and you can patrol 20 times per day. To engage this event you need to be in a school already and be above the novice protection period. Once completed you will get these rewards:
o    School Honor Certificate
o    Experience
o    Experience Pill

•    Challenge Fanction – Factions can only be challenged by six times per day. Only players who have reached a certain level for the internal skills can participate on every Fanction. Once completed you will get these rewards:
o    Martial arts scripts
o    Flying skills
o    Jianghu reputation

•    Random Encounter – Random encounters are events that are triggered through gossips with NPC or random item drops. You can determine an NPC with a random encounter quest by a red lantern above their head. Random encounters may give you great treasures, like rare scripts, or useless junk.



You will need to do participate in these two events:

•    Steal/Protect Sect Script – This event happens between 7-8 pm from Monday to Sunday and available five times per day. For a player to engage this event, he needs to be a part of a Sect and have reached first understanding. Once completed you get these awards:
o    School Honor Certificate
o    Experience
o    Script Page

•    School War – This event takes place between 7-730 pm from Monday to Saturday and available five times per day. In order to participate in this event, players need to be a part of a Sect and be beyond the novice protection period. Once completed you get the following rewards:
o    Experience
o    School Honor Certificate

After you have done those events, you need to learn some professional skill (Life Skills).

•    Gathering – Professions under Gathering were Woodcutter, Fisherman, Hunter, Miner, and Farmer. Players can learn all five gathering professions at the same time.

•    Manufacturing – Skills craft a variety of items for use such as armor, weapons, jewelry and food. Tailor, Blacksmith, Herbalist, Craftsman, Poison Maker, and Chef. Players can only learn one of them at a time.

•    Culture/Arts – Painter, Musician, Weiqi Player, and Calligrapher. Players can only learn one of them at a time.

•    Marketplace/Market –Divinator and Beggar are the professions under Marketplace/Market. Players can only learn one of them at a time.

You also need to get know how is the trading system of the game. By pressing “P” on your keyboard or click “Open Stalls” icon, you can set up your own stall. You can set up an online stall which will be up and running for one hour or an offline stall which can last for four hours. However, only VIP players can set up offline stalls.

There will be 30 slots for selling and purchasing in online store. Offline stores will have 60 slots. To purchase from a stall; click at it or simply click Trade Center icon at the lower-right corner of screen to view all the stalls in your current location.


The Twilight Village

This event occurs at all times and available seven times a week. For a player to participate in this event, they must have reached the Untapped Potential. Once completed you get the following rewards:
•    Flying skill
•    Experience
•    Silver Coins


Guild Events

You need to join a Guild and participate in a Guild Event to gain more reputation. There are different types of Guild Events: the Guild War, Daily Escorts, Escort Missions, Surprise Attack, Hidden Escort Robbery, and School Guard. To view this, press “N” on your keyboard and click the Guild Tab.



Kidnapping is one of the risks on being offline. Players can kidnap offline players and sell them into an employment they can benefit from. Rewards can be obtained from selling kidnapped offline player/s are:

•    Silver Coins
•    +1 Evil Points
•    +10 Discipline (if in Shaolin, Emei, Wudang, Beggar’s Sect, or Scholars)

Press “N” on your keyboard and click for the Jianghu Tab to view about Kidnap.


Offline Actions

When you log off, your character becomes an NPC and continues taking part in world activities. They may become a waiter, wood cutter, fisherman or even a slave at a cruel master’s palace. If you have joined a school, they will go there to rest or study new skills.

If you don’t want your characters to be an NPC and have more privileges while you’re offline such as setting up an offline stall and cultivating even when you’re offline. You are welcome to be a VIP member!
To avail VIP, you will need to click on Jianghu VIP icon above the HP bar in game and selecting Pay Gold to purchase VIP with gold or Online Payment to pay with credit card. With 30 gold, you can buy 30 days of VIP play. VIP players get the following perks:

•    Better conversion rates for your cultivation points.
•    Open a stall and cultivate your skills offline.
•    More Warehouse space goes up from 18 to 36.
•    More booth space for your stalls.
•    When you use Musical attacks you only need to play the first part of the song, the game will take care of the rest for you.
•    Allows access to the Divination profession.
•    Change the look of your character with vanity clothing and accessories only available to VIP members.
•    Gain access to bonus rewards from random encounters.
•    Gain access to the green portal and gain priority in the log-in queue.
•    Perk 10 – Experience Placement:
•    Gain access to bonus tasks and events.
•    Enjoy a special VIP only chat room.
•    Switch between equipment sets with the press of a button.
•    Increases team cultivation by 25
•    Enhance success rate of gathering.
•    Increased chance of acquiring skills pages, and Inner Skills during school raid events.