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Spying on other Sect


Spying is an act of infiltration on other Sect’s ground to gain information. Every week, your headmaster will give you a quest to spy on other Sect and you will be rewarded with School Honor Certificate where you can exchange it to your Sect’s skill.


Spying can also be done 5 times a day without going to your headmaster for quest. Here are some steps on how to spy on other Sect.



1.Once your character reached “Novice” you can activate your quest by clicking “N” on your keyboard to access the mission.




2. Go to “School/Section” tab to see the list of available quest.

3. Click on “School Spy” then click “Join” to start the mission.

4. To go to other Sect, you can look for the official coachman and click on the Sect you will spy on.





Using your Spy Skill



When you are in a spy mission, you will receive 3 different skills to help you gather intelligence on your target Sect.



Flying Locust


You will get a higher chance to get 3 pieces intelligence and Level 1 internal skill breakthrough tips. Failure can increase your stealth value to 50 points.



Attack From Behind


Used on Intelligence Disciple to take 3 pieces of intelligence. It can also be used on Patrolling Disciple to get School Token. Failure can increase your Exposure Value to 100 points.



Skilled Swordsman


Used on Intelligence Disciple to take 1 piece of intelligence. Failure to use will increase your Exposure Value to 20 points.



Exposed as Spy




At the bottom of your spy skill is a meter which represents your Exposure Value.