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Fighting Basics


The combat in the game is based on the strict logic of real-world martial arts, which is compared to classic game of rock-paper-scissors. Moves types are divided into Overt attacks, Feints, and Parries/Block.


·         Overt Moves

Overt moves are straight attacks. These attacks are stronger than other attacks because of its only purpose, damage. Overt moves are the foundation of combat whether a basic attack using your weapon/fist, or a special skill. If your opponent is using a parry stance, the damage will be reduced by a certain percentage at 50%, but can be increased or reduced through gear and skills.

·         Parry/Block Moves

The more practiced martial artists will be able to deal more than a simple Parry can handle. Each Parry behaves differently when a player successfully done the attack. While you keep on Parrying, an Overt Move can lower your Parry endurance over time and breakthrough your attack. Parrying will reduce movement speed by 70%, but you can still move around and jumping around while doing this attack. Also, a parry can be easily broken by any Feint move. If it happens, you cannot Parry again for a certain amount of time.

·         Feint Moves

Feints cuts through parries, leaving your opponent stunned, possibly weakened, and ready for a devastating follow-up attacks. This attack is lighter attacks that are intended to break open defenses with a sudden move and are not advised against overt moves. An enemy will receive 100% damage after their Parry has been broken, and are unable to Parry again for a certain amount of time. Feint attacks are easily broken by any overt moves.



·         Chi Moves

In addition to the three basic sets are the chi moves. Chi moves enhances your power or weakens the enemy. They do not directly attack an enemy as much but creates buffs. While channeling Chi move, a player is left open for attacks.


Overt moves can be parried by blocks, blocks can be broken by feints, and overt moves would overwhelm feints. The main point in fighting is to recognize the type of skill that your opponent is bringing out, and to use the type that would restrain his skill. This requires familiarity with all the different skills can be found in the game.