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The sect was founded in the early Yuan Dynasty by Zhang Sanfeng, a student of Jueyuan who was a Shaolin monk.  Zhang Sanfeng accepted seven youths as his first disciples, who later became known as the "Seven Heroes of Wudang". The seven students are responsible for spreading Wudang's name through their prowess in martial arts, exemplary conduct, and deeds of gallantry.


Most of its members are Taoist priests, who follow Taoist customs and practices in addition to training in martial arts. 


Wudang Sect is one of the righteous Sects in Jianghu.


Proficiency: Melee

Weapon: Palm / Sword

Specialty: Continuous Group Attack


Sect Map


Wudang Sect trains their disciples in Wudang Mountain. They are home to a famous complex of Taoist temples and monasteries which are especially associated with the god Zhenwu. 


The legendary Xuanwu Statue at the front of the school serves as a reminder of strength and a symbol of the good they represent. The image of the Snake and Tortoise has many sources, but most common is the belief that these two beasts are sins of a man that became a god. The former man returned to conquer these evils and make them to serve him as generals for the good of humanity.





Sect Weapon


Whether it is a single or double sword technique, these masters use their weapons as an extension of their mind and body. To them the sword is not a tool, but part of themselves.   



Sect Uniform


Wudang Sect can be identified for their section uniform. Wudang believe that achieving perfect evenness leads to a longer and healthier life, by preventing accidents or injuries otherwise caused by cluttered minds and clumsy bodies.





Sect Skills


Wudang's martial arts have their origins in the Shaolin Sect, although they are based on Taoism rather than Buddhism. They focus on the use of "soft and gentle" techniques to overcome opponents who rely on brute strength and force. 


The Wudang can shift enemy strength and push chi energy out with a swing of the blade for a ranged attack. Their parries attack the strength of others, rather than absorb blows like the skills of different schools.




Wudang Internal Skill



Notable Members


Zhang Sanfeng: The Founder of Wudang. He is one of the oldest and most respected people in all of China.

Tianjizi: Is known as the Sword Branch Leader and a strict trainer. 

Xiang Jiuchen: A famous Swordsman and is a brilliant martial artist.

Quyi: A mysterious girl found in the Sword Tomb who devotes herself to the path of the sword.

Hong Yanxin: A famous sword master who used to be a member of the Royal Guards, she left when her brother was murdered.



School Rules and Disciplinary Action


Here are the guidelines on how to avoid being punished by your school. Your discipline value will increase if you violate any of these School Rules. When your Discipline Value exceeds to 100 points and you enter your school scene, you will be teleported directly to the sect. Your HP will be halved and a strength weakening BUFF will be attached for a stipulated time period.



You can reduce your Discipline Value by repenting your violations. For Wudang, you can go to Enforcement Hall (coordinates 510,357) at Wudang Mountain to repent. 

Press ‘C’ to open your character’s information then click on ‘School Reputation’  button at the lower left.

Click on your ‘School Regulation’ icon  to check your school’s info.