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The founder of the Sect was a very intelligent Divinator but has an unpredictable attitude. He established the Sect secretly after he found out that he would not live past the age of 45. In order to escape his fate he began recruiting barbarous and merciless characters that practice vicious martial arts. 


He also began to use his fortune telling skills to hunt down people and kill them merciless. 


Wanderer’s Valley Section is one of the immoral sections in Jianghu.


Proficiency: Long-ranged

Weapon: Sword and Blade, Fist and Kicking

Specialty: Sinister and Ruthless



Sect Map


Blissful Valley is located on a secret island in Yunmeng Lake and is surrounded by hills, which act as a natural barrier and choke point. It is regarded as the most dangerous and immoral sect within the Wulin. 




Sect Weapon


Wanderer’s Valley uses poisons, hidden weapons, and even sneak attacks sabotage on their target. They prefer to use the twin broadsword for its strong and direct power. They are also skilled in the twin-short sword, as well as in empty-hand techniques.





Sect Uniform



Sect Skills


The acolytes of the Wanderer’s Valley are amoral, secretive and sinister. Their art focuses on the use of cunning tricks, poisons, and their vicious mastery of dark chi.


The Internal Skill of Wanderer's Valley is said that it was created by Shan Tianxie, using the harmonious combination of yin and yang. 



Wanderer’s Valley Internal Skill



Notable members:


Shan Tianming: The Leader of Wanderer's Valley who is cunning and sly in nature. He secretively watches over everything within Wanderer’s Valley. 

Shan Tianxie: The Younger Brother of Shan Tianming. He was hurt by an explosion which damaged his face, so he has to wear a mask. 

Yin Feng: A former eunuch with unusual arrogance, his parents died from political persecution. He doesn't trust anyone. 

Dou Hualun: A former Beggar's Sect member, he was expelled for practicing evil martial arts. He is narrow-minded and remembers anyone who has wronged him. 

Yao Jian: A girl with a face disfigured while learning evil kung fu. She joined the school with a vow to kill any and all heartbreakers. 



School Rules and Disciplinary Action


Here are the guidelines on how to avoid being punished by your school. Your discipline value will increase if you violate any of these School Rules. When your Discipline Value exceeds to 100 points and you enter your school scene, you will be teleported directly to the sect. Your HP will be halved and a strength weakening BUFF will be attached for a stipulated time period.




You can reduce your Discipline Value by repenting your violations. For Wanderer’s Valley, you can go Shura Gate (coordinates 183, -100) at your school to repent. 

 Press ‘C’ to open your character’s information then click on ‘School Reputation’  button at the lower left.

Click on your ‘School Regulation’ icon  to check your school’s info.