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Tangmen Sect is known to be the masters of assassination in Jianghu. They symbolize a Giant Spider which is the reflection of their martial art skills. They are famous for their poison skills and are good in hidden weapon combat.


The founder of the Sect is known as Grandmother Tang who is a spirited old woman that trains her disciples to be the best in martial arts.


Tangmen Sect is one of the neutral Sects in Jianghu.


Proficiency: Long-range

Weapon: Darts, Daggers

Specialty: Poisons and Hidden Weapons



Sect Map


They rarely move around in the Jianghu preferring to stay in the family castle located in Chongqing, Sichuan. The castle is heavily fortified; it is covered with hidden weapons and secret devices making entry extremely hazardous. 





Sect Weapon


They prefer to use the Dagger and the Hidden Weapons, such as Darts, Throwing Daggers which can be easily concealed.





Sect Uniform




Sect Skills


Tangmen special skills focus on long range combat, deadly poisons and powerful stuns. Their hidden weapons are used for ranged attacks, but are not suitable for close-range combat.  They add debuffs to their opponents, throw darts from afar and their poisons can penetrate strong defences. 




Tangmen Internal Skill




Notable Members


Grandmother Tang: The Elder of the Tang family.

Tang Tianxing: The Leader of the Tangmen and one of the highly skilled martial artists in Jianghu.

Tang Sigong: The Poison Branch Leader and one of the former four Elders of the Tangmen. He is responsible for researching poisons, traps, and secret devices.

Tang Fan: A mysterious man who wears an eye-patch. He was bullied by other disciples and only Tang Yingxuan helped him.

Tang Jieyu: A coldhearted beauty. She escaped to the Tangmen 3 years ago, but completely lost her memory. Even though she is not a Tangmen family member, she is trusted by Grandmother and is in charge of the Hidden Weapons Branch.



School Rules and Disciplinary Action


Here are the guidelines on how to avoid being punished by your school. Your discipline value will increase if you violate any of these School Rules. When your Discipline Value exceeds to 100 points and you enter your school scene, you will be teleported directly to the sect. Your HP will be halved and a strength weakening BUFF will be attached for a stipulated time period.




You can reduce your Discipline Value by repenting your violations. For Tangmen, you can go to Ancestral Hall (coordinates 1485, -252) at your school to repent. 

Press ‘C’ to open your character’s information then click on ‘School Reputation’  button at the lower left.

Click on your ‘School Regulation’ icon  to check your school’s info.