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Shaolin Sect is one of the best known orthodox sects in martial arts. Bodhidharma founded the sect for Buddhist followers to practice martial arts, with the aims of improving health, self-defense, upholding justice and helping the weak. The Shaolin uphold righteousness and judgment. They use their martial arts to serve the nation's people.


This sect only accepts male disciples.


Shaolin Sect is one of the righteous Sects in Jianghu.


School Proficiency: Melee

School Weapon: Palm and Kick / Sticks and Staffs

Skill Specialty: Group Stun



Sect Map


Shaolin Monastery or Shaolin Temple is a Chán Buddhist temple on Mount Song in China. This is where Shaolin disciples are train to follow the Buddhist code of conduct, customs and practices.



Sect Weapon

The principal weapon of choice is the staff, which is used in close combat, but can also reach further than a sword or sabre. The Shaolin are also competent at a very close range and can use their empty-hand skills to launch powerful attacks.



Sect Uniform



Sect Skills


Shaolin’s Kungfu encompasses complete technical and theoretical system with martial arts and techniques as its major form of expression. Shaolin have strong group support and damage skills that focus mainly on melee attacks in PVP making them weak against ranged attacks. 





Shaolin Internal Skill





Notable Members


Master Xuanhuai: The Abbot of Shaolin. He frequently reminds his disciples to help others, spread kindness, and assist in rescuing people.

Liaoyin: The Leader of Discipline Hall. He is from a noble family, and is very strict with his disciples.

Liaochen: The Leader of Bodhi Hall. He comes from great poverty and is the most pious of all the disciples, as well as the most respected elder.

Kongshan: A Monk in Arhat Hall who once lead a group of bandits.

Jueneng: An usher in Shaolin Temple. Found on the steps in front of the gate, he has never left Shaolin and is very friendly, he always smiles at all who journey to Shaolin.



School Rules and Disciplinary Action


Here are the guidelines on how to avoid being punished by your school. Your discipline value will increase if you violate any of these School Rules. When your Discipline Value exceeds to 100 points and you enter your school scene, you will be teleported directly to the sect. Your HP will be halved and a strength weakening BUFF will be attached for a stipulated time period.



You can reduce your Discipline Value by repenting your violations. For Shaolin, you can go to Discipline Hall (coordinates 881, 353) at Shaolin Temple to repent. 

Press ‘C’ to open your character’s information then click on ‘School Reputation’  button at the lower left.

Click on your ‘School Regulation’ icon  to check your school’s info.