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The Royal Guards Sect was established by Zhu Yuanzhang who later on became Hongwu Emperor. The sect’s task is to supervise, spy on and oppress any unlawful acts by government officials. They cultivated more skills becoming stronger and more ambitious. They are a cruel and ruthless group that garners fear from all other schools.


Royal Guards Sect is one of the Immoral Sects in Jianghu.


Proficiency: Long-range

Weapon: Blades and Swords / Palm and Kick

Specialty: Crafty and Cunning


Sect Map


Their headquarters is composed of gruesome, prison-like buildings located in the west of the capital. The Royal Guards undertake secret missions and have special privileges and abundant funds. 




Sect Weapon


The Sect is known for the use of broadsword, sword and skilled in “eagle’s claw”. They have many special skills that can increase attack to inflict great damage. They serve the Emperor and follow his will, meaning that they are backed by the government.




Sect Uniform



Sect Skills

Vicious and cruel, the Royal Guards seek power and control. Their brutal, merciless attacks are the dark twin of Shaolin.




Royal Guards Internal Skill




Notable Members


Huangfu Yao: The Leader of the Royal Guards. He joined the Royal Guards in his desire for power and through cunning and trickery became the leader of the Royal Guards.

Murong Weiyu: The Wife of Huangpu Xiao and the eldest daughter of the Murong Family. She fell in love with Huangfu Yao and joined the Royal Guards.

Xuanyuan Kuanglang: The Leader of Royal Red Hall who was sent by his tribe to be their covert agent. 

Zhu Lin: The Leader of Royal Dark Hall. He joined the Governmental Troops to fight against foreign invasions many years ago, yet returned to find out his wife dead. He seeks revenge and is clouded by anger. 

Miao Ying: The Leader of Royal Purple Hall. She pretended to be a man to join an army and after the war, she was assigned to become a member of the Royal Guards.

Bai Shaoxie: A strange man with a psychological distortion, he was raised by the Eunuchs to become a killer.



School Rules and Disciplinary Action


Here are the guidelines on how to avoid being punished by your school. Your discipline value will increase if you violate any of these School Rules. When your Discipline Value exceeds to 100 points and you enter your school scene, you will be teleported directly to the sect. Your HP will be halved and a strength weakening BUFF will be attached for a stipulated time period.




You can reduce your Discipline Value by repenting your violations. For Royal Guard, you can go to Jail (coordinates 193,-6) at your school to repent.

 Press ‘C’ to open your character’s information then click on ‘School Reputation’  button at the lower left.

Click on your ‘School Regulation’ icon  to check your school’s info.