What is OBT?

~ OBT (open beta testing)  is a stage where the game is available to public. There are no more character or data wipe out in Open Beta. Although open beta is still considering beta testing, most of the bugs and problems with the game have already been worked out.


Will they wipe everything after OBT?

~ There's no more data wipe out on Open Beta (OBT).


What is Cubits?

~ Cubits is the currency used in Cubizone. Cubits is used to purchase in-game items or specific services within the Cubizone community or website.


I want to purchase VIP and other items on the web mall, where can I purchase Cubits?

~ You can purchase Cubits from our online partners.




 I forgot my second password in game, what should I do?

~ You need to file a ticket to our helpdesk:




What is CBT?

~ CBT (closed beta test) is a stage where in the server is open to public for a limited time only to look for in game bugs and errors.


Do we need CBT keys for Age of Kungfu?

~ No need for CBT keys. All you need to do is download the client. You may download the client on this link:


Can we use our existing Cubizone game account?

~ Yes you can use your existing account. Log in to Cubizone website ( then choose your country to activate Age of Kungfu. For the activation guide, please refer to this link:


I can't log in to Age of Kungfu and I keep receiving an error, what should I do?

~ You might be using your email when logging into the game. You must use your username to be able to log in.


I did not receive any activation code, what should I do?

~ Those who register on our pre-registration before July 18, 2014 will receive an early access code. The code was sent to your registered email or spam mail. For those who failed to register, you can access the game on July 25, 2014 at 3pm.


What will I do if I encounter a bug in game?

~ If you encounter any bug, please post a report on our forum so we can forward the issue to our developers:


Will they wipe everything after CBT?

~ Everything will be wipe out after CBT.


I purchase a Starter Pack during CBT can I still use it during OBT?

~ After CBT, everything will be deleted. Those who purchase the Starter Pack during CBT will be reinserted to their accounts on OBT plus a bonus of 60 Gold. The Starter Pack can only be purchased ONCE. All items are bound.